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Enneagram - 2017

Advanced Enneagram - Subtypes and Spiritual Gifts

Led by: Karen Webb

The course starts at 9.30am on Monday and finishes at 4pm on Wednesday.*

This is an advanced Enneagram workshop for people who are familiar with the basics of all nine types and who know their own type with reasonable certainty.

The three subtypes, present within each of the nine types, are instinctual responses and basic behaviour in the three main arenas of life: self-preservation, social interaction, and one-to-one intimate relationship. As our most unconscious strategies, they are often the greatest barrier to growth and higher awareness. Therefore, to identify and understand the subtleties of our subtype is to confront what really holds us back from being aware of our Essence.

This workshop will deepen understanding of the nine types in four main areas:

  • The ways in which Passion and Fixation manifest in subtypes
  • Each type’s Holy Virtue and Holy Idea as aspects of Essence
  • Head, heart and belly as centres of spiritual perception
  • Psychological and spiritual growth using the Enneagram

Karen has taught the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition since 1991 and focuses on facilitating spiritual and psychological growth. She is a graduate of the Enneagram Professional Training Program with Helen Palmer. A lifelong student, formally and informally, of psychology and comparative religion, her work prior to this was in management consultancy, training and Human Resource Development

*Special accommodation rate for the night prior to the course and/or the night after it ends:

£40 for Bed and Breakfast
£50 for Supper Bed and Breakfast

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